Cognitive training is based on the idea that with purposeful activity, your cognitive ability can improve. Your brain is a muscle. Like the rest of the muscles in your body, it can grow and become stronger.

Brain training games are often repetitive exercises designed to improve your memory. But, there are a number of things you do in your daily life that train your brain without you realizing it.

Have you ever kept a journal? If so, you were training your brain. A recent study found that people who have ever journaled were over 50% less likely to be diagnosed with dementia.

Never been a journaler? Now’s the time to start. Journaling keeps your brain active by tapping into the part of the brain that controls language. It also engages the part of the brain responsible for fine motor skills.

Not sure what to write? Write about your day, including as much detail as you can remember. Did you go shopping? Write down where you went, exactly what you bought and how much it cost. Write about any interactions you had there. What was the person at the checkout like? What were they wearing?

You’ll probably find your days are much more interesting than they seem. And you’ll be training your brain while you also boost your memory.