You’re here because you’re curious about preserving your cognitive health. You know caring for your brain is important.

But have you stopped to think about what exactly “cognitive health” means? It’s your ability to think clearly, learn new information, and remember important details and memories.

“Cognition” is a general term used to describe regular and essential processes of your brain. When your brain is healthy, it can perform all of these necessary processes, including remembering, using language, learning, and maintaining healthy judgment and intuition.

Research suggests that when it comes to cognition, engaging your brain has serious brain boosting potential. People who volunteer and engage in hobbies report they are even happier and healthier than people who don’t.

There are several types of brain engagement have been associated with improved cognition:

  • Learning a new skill

  • Reading books, magazines, and newspapers

  • Playing games and doing crossword puzzles

  • Taking or teaching a class

So, when you think about improving your cognitive health, know that you can care for your brain by participating in a variety of activities that interest you. It’s not all about brain puzzles and memory exercises (but feel free to throw these in if you’re up for it).