You need to make a new habit as attractive and easy as possible to make it stick. If you failed to keep up an exercise program in the past, it might be because the exercise was too hard or you didn’t enjoy it.

Stay motivated by making your new exercise habit as fun as possible.

Regular exercise reduces your risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Plus, it helps your body release endorphins that help you feel good.

What’s the best kind of exercise to do for cognitive health? The one you’ll keep doing.

Researchers have found that people who are new to exercising are much more likely to keep it up if they enjoy the exercise. When the exercise was fun, people were also more likely to keep it up even after the study ended.

Not sure what kind of exercise you like? Try a new type every time until you find one you enjoy. If you’re doing something repetitive like walking or using the elliptical, don’t forget your headphones. Listening to music or an audiobook can give you some motivation to get in your daily exercise.

If you’re still not feeling motivated, try inviting a friend. Everything is more enjoyable with a good companion.