You know you need to exercise. It’s the middle of the day, and you find yourself with 15 extra minutes. You could take a brisk walk! If only you weren’t wearing your work clothes! You can’t go back to work all sweaty.

This is what we call a “barrier to exercise.” It’s common for people to avoid exercise because they don’t want to get sweaty, ruin their hair or hurt their feet from wearing inappropriate shoes.

So what’s the solution? If you work, you probably can’t wear athletic gear all the time. You can however, carry a change of clothes in your car so if the opportunity to exercise presents itself, you can be game.

You can also make sure you’re wearing comfortable shoes. Taking a brisk 15 minute walk doesn’t require special clothing, but if you’re wearing heels or crisp loafers, you might be deterred from walking.

If you have a more flexible lifestyle, try this little trick. Wear workout clothes all day. This getup includes yoga pants or shorts, a tight fitting top and sports bra if you need one, as well as comfortable athletic shoes. Try it for just a few days and see if you’re more active than normal. Many people find that when they’re wearing the gear, the mindset immediately follows.