Today, with our ability to find any kind of group travel available online, it’s easier than ever to plan a trip abroad with older people in your age group. Why is this good for your brain?

Where do we even begin?

For one, you’ll spend a substantial amount of time meeting new people, and social interaction can boost brain health. For another, you’ll spend a good portion of the day walking through museums, swimming in the ocean, or getting from here to there, and exercise is good for your brain. Vacations also provide stress relief from the responsibilities of everyday life, and relieving stress is important for your cognitive abilities.

If you’re separated or widowed, a group tour for older singles is a great way to get back out there to meet new people who could become new friends. Learning about different cultures engages and expands the brain in all sorts of ways. And sharing meals with your new friends provides an excellent way of socializing while eating healthy, local food instead of snacking all day on junk food.

So go ahead: find a group tour, pack your bags, and go go go!