It can be frustrating when you’ve finally gotten into a good walking routine and the weather stops cooperating with you. You don’t want to miss your daily activity because you’re working on caring for your brain through exercise. So, what can you do when the rain is preventing you from getting outside for your daily exercise?

You might have to get creative. Try one of these ideas for working out inside:

  • Go on a cleaning spree

Surely there’s a room in your house that needs a good makeover. Cleaning itself does not usually get your heart rate up enough to count as exercise, so you’re going to have to amp it up a bit. Instead of bending down to pick up an object, squat. If you’re cleaning the windows, do it vigorously and take a few minutes to do some wall push-ups.

  • Go grocery shopping or to a mall

You’ll be surprised at how many steps you can get while shopping. Pick up the pace and try to walk as fast as you would on an exercise walk. And if you’re at a mall with multiple levels, see how many times you can take the stairs.

  • Find a workout video

Free workout videos abound online. Maybe you can try yoga for the first time, or search for a HIIT video if you’re feeling super ambitious. There are even online walking videos if you want to keep up your same activity.